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Selby Young People’s Community

Supporting, enabling & empowering Young Adults with disabilities to fulfil their potential

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Join Us


Volunteers are a vital part of the work we do and enhance the experiences we are able to offer.

Sypco welcomes applications from people with different skills and experiences.

Generally volunteers will be over 18 years although in some cases volunteers aged 16 to 18 years may work for SYPCO providing appropriate consent is given.

When recruiting new volunteers we hold informal interviews to make sure that the role is right for both parties.

Working with vulnerable adults requires SYPCO to carry out the necessary eligibility checks including a DBS. By offering to be a volunteer for Sypco you agree to provide all information required for us to carry out these checks and undertake all relevant training necessary for the role.

Please get in contact with us if you would like any further information. Click Here to contact us.

Our Services Are

Life Skills

Life skills

At SYPCO we offer a day opportunity that is more than a place to attend.  SYPCO gives people the opportunity to learn new skills.  Service users plan a menu together for the weekly meals, shopping and preparing fresh and healthy meals. Budgeting money, making friendships, developing independence and engaging in the local community are essential skills SYPCO clients derive from these activities.

Clients gain a new found independence and enjoy a wealth of interactive activities. At SYPCO we very much welcome our clients input and suggestions for activities, days out and social evenings.



At SYPCO we recognise the value organisations can bring to helping people manage their own health and well-being.

We are a group that supports people living with a long term conditions. We recognise that we have a very important role to play in helping people adapt and live with conditions that can be life limiting and by doing so, can positively contribute to a person’s overall sense of health and well-being.

A primary aim of our group is to empower individuals to adapt their lifestyles to manage day to day activities which require key skills.  Such skills can be the ability to do a task in the home or to be able to communicate effectively with others.

At SYPCO a primary aim is to achieve wide-reaching benefits for our clients which result in: better mental and physical health and give a greater feeling of self-worth.

Through Empowerment we increase the capacity of individuals to gain control of their circumstances and achieve their own goals, thereby being able to work towards helping themselves and others to maximise the quality of their lives.

Our Staff

Do you want to make a difference to people’s lives? At SYPCO we believe that everyone has the right to live a fulfilling life and be part of their local community. Whether working in clients’ homes or at SYPCO house, working for Sypco can be hugely rewarding. At SYPCO we provide a wide range of training opportunities to support and nurture staff to both develop their skills and careers. We ensure that our all our staff are fully supported through 1:1 supervision support sessions. Follow us on Facebook to hear news of our latest vacancies.


Our Community

A sense of community and wellbeing is important to SYPCO. We aim to build friendships and support networks for those we work with both within SYPCO and in the wider community. We believe that as a community we are there to support each other when others are struggling and foster that ethos in everything we do. Sypco will be offering a community based service supporting clients to develop life skills within their own homes. We will also be supporting clients to access their local community developing skills such as shopping and accessing appointments

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